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Learn How a Virtual Assistant Can Help You

With our managed service you get:

  • A highly trained assistant who is dedicated to your account
  • An Engagement Manager who helps you maximize the ROI of our service
  • Backup coverage so you never go a day without support
  • And much more

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Our Services


Below are some of our core offerings. However, our service is fully customized to your needs. Our Team Leads and Engagement Managers can train your assistant to use your software and processes.


Relationship Management

Business networking is a necessity not a luxury. Our virtual assistants can help you create opportunities by: 

  • Finding business networking opportunities with valuable new contacts
  • Using  CRM expertise to record and act on key relationship insights
  • Continuously nurturing your existing network



Time Management

Spend more time on strategy with your team and partners. Our assistants can help you take control of your schedule by: 

  • Pulling tasks and projects off your to-do list
  • Removing scheduling ping-pong and other admin minutiae that slows you down
  • Finding simple ways to continuously help your existing network

Sales Assistance

Talking to a prospect delivers the greatest value. Our virtual assistants get the admin out of your way by: 

  • Driving post-meeting follow-up by sending relevant emails and scheduling the next meeting
  • Ensuring your CRM is 100% up-to-date 
  • Conducting prospect research to keep your top-of-funnel pipeline full of leads
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