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[Ebook]: How to Use Delegation to Be a More Impactful Leader

In the ebook you'll learn...

  • What types of work you should delegate
  • Which employees and outsourced support you should delegate to
  • How to avoid miscommunications when assigning tasks
  • Strategies to make delegation and on-going part of your workflow
  • And much more


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Become a Better Leader

Here at Prialto, our mission is to amplify people.  We do that by producing research-driven content and managed virtual assistant services that help leaders like you: 


Boost Your Productivity

We understand that you're busy so, our blog, newsletters and Engagement Managers provide proven, actionable advice that helps you take control of your schedule. Our content is research-backed and informed by a decade of working with c-suite leaders, industry-leading professionals and sales executives who are masters at managing their time.  


Motivate Your Employees

As a leader, your success is dependent upon your team's willingness and ability to reach your organization's growth goals. We're constantly digging into the science of motivation to bring you actionable tips to keep your team engaged. 

Have an assistant with us? We take care of the motivation for you by having a robust collection of incentives and morale-boosting activities for our assistants. 


Leverage Support Services

You don't have to manage everything on your own. When you're ready, our heavily trained virtual assistants are available to tackle your admin tasks so you have 55 extra hours per month to focus on strategic work that drives value. Not sure how to delegate to an assistant? A dedicated account manager will guide you through the process and take the heavy lifting out of managing your assistant. Reach out to us if you're interested in learning how our services can help you. 

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